Marriage is a big deal to me.  I was so excited to get married, but it was more important to me that I wait on the right man than hurry up to have my wedding.  
And even though I waited SO long for that day to arrive and loved every minute of November 5, 2011, it flew by in a rush of excitement, joy, happy tears and so much love.
We love looking back at those photos because that was the day our adventure began!  That was the day our family started...

it's all about

the details

And while I love those photos so much, I know that the images are ultimately for our kids, our grandkids and one day our great-grandkids.
Those generations will look at these photos to see where THEY came from, where their history lies and if they bear any resemblance to us!
I'm a photographer of new beginnings because I believe in freezing time, capturing the feelings you had on the day you said "I do", and allowing you to relive that emotion when you look back 10, 30 or 50 years from now.




Just the two of you or surrounded by your family and close friends...  
You value an intimate setting and beginning your life together in quiet moments that reflect the beautiful love you have for each other. Whether you're saying "I do" at city hall, on a mountain top or in Paris*, this day won't easily be forgotten!


You've waited for just the right person at just the right time and you're ecstatic to walk down the aisle and celebrate the day away with all of your friends and family by your side!  Whether you're saying "I do" in a vineyard, on an estate, or downtown, this will be a celebration for the books!


Your little one is about to multiply the love that is in your home and I would love to be there with you holding the camera as you welcome your newest addition home.
I'll capture you snuggling your baby so you can give kisses and stare into his or her face as we all ooh and ahh over the sweetness.




*travel fees apply